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Burn Your Way to More Miles
At the heart of Dipetane's ability to increase fuel economy 10% to 15% is its more efficient and complete fuel burn. The result is increased energy release and a longer, more powerful expansion in the combustion chamber.

In the combustion process, most of the fuel is burned. Any unburned residual needs to be exhausted or washed out, which is presently accomplished with detergents, or in the case of severe clogging, through the use of injector cleaners. However, these solutions are miles behind the effectiveness of Dipetane.

Dipetane's Unique Approach : Simply Better
Dipetane takes a unique approach. When mixed into gasoline, diesels and heavier fuel oils, Dipetane actually causes much more of the fuel to be burned. By burning more fuel, more energy is released therefore reducing the amount of fuel required to perform the same amount of work. In addition, fewer emissions are left un-combusted and fewer contaminants work their way into the oil.

Dipetane burns so much of the fuel that instead of adding carbon deposits (primarily unburned asphaltine molecules) to the surfaces of the combustion chamber, deposits are radically reduced. The combustion process is comprised of severe changes in heat and pressure. These changes actually buffet the existing carbon deposits and as they lose adhesion, they are gradually eroded away. Absent of the deposits, more oxygen is freed up for the combustion process and heat is reduced. At this stage, not only is your engine is cleaner, you're traveling farther and extending the life of your vehicle. The removal of Combustion Chamber Deposits (CCD's) makes Dipetane different from many other products.After the combustion chamber is cleaned up, increased power and more efficient use of fuel reduces the amount of fuel required to perform the same amount of work. The incredible result is better fuel economy!

Added Benefits

Easy on the Cylinders

By reducing carbon particles, the wear particle responsible for the majority of engine wear, is also reduced. Oil stays cleaner from carbon soot and because fuel is more completely burned, oil dilution is reduced.

Smoke Signals
By design, diesel engines do not smoke. By removing the carbon deposits clogging the injector nozzles, diesel smoke is essentially eliminated without the use of detergents or solvents which wash useable, but unburned fuel away.

Important! Dipetane takes as much as 6,000 miles to remove the hardened deposits from the combustion chamber. Be patient. The results are worth it.Dipetane will typically show an immediate improvement of about 3% to 6%, which pays for the product. The improvement after clean-up is between 10% and 15%. Now you are really saving!In gasoline engines, improvement can be seen after burning just a few tanks of Dipetane treated fuel.

There is no Downside to Dipetane!

• Increases fuel economy by 10-15%.

• Meets or exceeds all fuel specifications.

• Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon product.

• Cleans the fuel injectors and keeps them clean.

• Lubricates fuel injection pump.

• Extends engine life.

• Burns away carbon deposits from the combustion chamber.

• Cleans tanks and supply lines of sludge and heavy deposits.

• Dipetane mixes readily with fuel requiring no further circulation.

• Dipetane treated fuels actually burn cooler, significantly reducing nitrous oxide.

• Dipetane has a longer stability life than diesel fuel or gasoline.