Pat Slattery
Transport Manager
Coca Cola Ireland
“I have always monitored our MPG most carefully and continue to do so especially in today’s high-priced fuel markets. My ongoing monitoring of MPG proves to me that the initial significant fuel savings are still being achieved due to the use of Dipetane.”


Mike Patton
Director of Transportation
Capistrano Unified School District
“Capistrano Unified School District used Dipetane in all of our buses for the entire 2004 – 2005 school year. By our calculations this product has saved us approximately $60,000. Our district tested the product for 4 months, the results of which indicated that our buses traveled 62,000 additional miles on 2,000 fewer gallons of fuel. We believe using Dipetane is in the best interest of CUSD and recommend any one that asks to test it for themselves.

CUSD uses cleaner burning ultra low sulfur fuel and has installed particulate traps on its buses to provide a cleaner exhaust. Dipetane improves performance another step. We are committed to seeking the best technologies to reduce emissions and provide the cleanest environment for the community.”


George Hopwood
General Petroleum
“General Petroleum first tested Dipetane on its own fleet 4 years ago and found that we got about 10% better fuel economy. Since then, we have supplied Dipetane to several of our customers and carry it as a standard product in a permanent tank in our fueling yard. For customers using Dipetane treated fuels, we ad the Dipetane in our yard and deliver the fuel pre treated.

General Petroleum is satisfied with the benefits that Dipetane provides and is pleased to be a supplier.”


Bill Grimley
Fleet Maintenance Supervisor
Pupil Transportation Cooperative
“I read that Capistrano Unified School District had improved its fuel economy using Dipetane and decided that it was worth a try. We have exceeded our expectations and are now getting well over the initial 15% we saw early on.” said Bill Grimley, PTC’s Fleet Maintenance Supervisor. “Not only did we get better fuel economy, but I have not had a single bus fail the opacity test this year. We are saving money on our fuel and the buses are running cleaner.

Dipetane improves fuel economy and reduces diesel engine smoke by burning fuel more completely and cleaning carbon deposits out of engines. This reduced smoke is another benefit for students and the community through which these vehicles travel.

‘Fuel costs are rising, so we need to save wherever possible. Adding improved performance is even better. Dipetane USA created a Savings Calculator Chart for me to show my Director how much we are saving and that sold us on the product.’ Grimley concluded.”