Dipetane In America

Heading towards the United States are a constant stream of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) carrying about 2 million barrels of oil on every voyage.The voyage from the middle-east takes about 42 days.Simply put, we must have about 5-6 VLCCs off-load oil in the Unites States each and every day of the year.What if a few of them were sunk by terrorists?

We spend more than $200,000 per minute; $13 million per hour on foreign oil, with more than $25 billion a year on Persian Gulf imports alone.

(1) By October 2004, Americans had paid out $249 per capita to foreign oil-interests($331 per capita in 2004; for a family of four $1,324).In the first nine months of 2004, Americans exported $72.5 billion for oil.

(2) Every day we pay out $390 million for foreign oil. Today’s oil use outpaces new oil discoveries, with the world using about 12 billion more barrels per year than it finds.

(3) The growing imbalance between supply and demand means record high crude prices and higher fuel costs, and supply disruptions.China is significantly increasing its demand on the worlds oil markets.India is increasing its demand. U.S.gasoline consumption accounts for 11 percent of world oil production.Over the past year, we have already been hit hard by our dependence on oil, which is also increasing our economic and political vulnerability.Of the $54 billion trade deficit reported in August, more than a fifth or $12 billion was from imported crude oil.

(4) Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has called the higher value of imported oil a tax on U.S. citizens that has cost us three quarters of a percent of our economic output in 2004, and warned economic impacts for the U.S. will intensify if current trends in oil demand and prices continue.

(5) Contact your local representative and tell him, or her, why we need Dipetane treated petroleum.Start with, Since the 9/11 attack on America increased security has averaged $100 million a day.Add in, More troops getting are being killed or wounded because those who wish America harm are absolutely convinced that we will not do anything to conserve oil.

“Dipetane Helping Conserve Earth’s Vital Resources”

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“Dipetane – Changing the Way America Uses its Fuels.”