TracTide Marine

Making Port of Hueneme the most environmentally friendly port in the world


TracTide Marine is taking a proactive stance to reduce air pollution by providing a steady supply of Dipetane treated fuels to all vessels calling in the Port of Hueneme, California, including those involved in port operations, tug services and government operations. Scheduled for later this year, a card lock will be added providing Dipetane treated fuels to all fueling customers, including the high volume of container trucks servicing the port.

Over a 3-year -period, one of the vessels that fuels at Trac Tide, a supply boat servicing oil rigs off the California coast, tracked its performance using Dipetane treated fuels. The Annual Compliance Source Tests for emissions qualification, an independent test for contractor document performance was utilized. By the third year, fuel usage reduced 5.8 gallons per hour for 10.5% fuel savings. In emission testing, NOx was reduced 24%, Carbon Monoxide reduced 12% and ROC (regulated hydrocarbons) were cut in half.

Port Hueneme is the most environmentally friendly port in the world, according to Captain Jon BelChere, owner of TracTide Marine Fuels. We have been able to accomplish this by the introduction of Dipetane treated fuels and BIOSOY LOW NOX. All of the Dipetane treated fuels virtually eliminate black smoke from the stacks, making the port a much cleaner environment. The Port of Dublin has been using Dipetane for more than 10 years. None of its equipment smokes and with that lengthy track record, we are very comfortable stepping up with a full program of fuels.

Dipetane plays a major part in making our cleaner burning BIOSOY LOW NOX more economical than #2 diesel. By adding Dipetane, the engines burn about 10% less fuel, which more than compensates for the difference in price between BIOSOY LOW NOX and #2 diesel.

Our marketing target includes the tugs, deep draft vessels, oil platform crew and supply boats, commercial fishing vessels, sport fishing vessels, US Navy craft and commercial users in the port. Dockside, we provide these fuels for the loading and unloading equipment, including the container cranes, adds Captain BelChere.

Biodiesel has been proven to burn more cleanly than #2 diesel, except for the Nitrous Oxide emissions (NO x) which typically increases by 2-3%. Dipetane reduces the NOx by more than 10%, making the BIOSOY LOW NOX a better fuel all around.

For operators who do not want to step into biodiesel yet, we provide the Dipetane treated #2 diesel, which is a premium grade fuel that provides savings over #2 to the vessel operators. Between the two Dipetane fuels, we feel we have the fuel needs of the waterfront covered, emphasized Captain BelChere. And the best part is the vessel owners, the environment and the local community benefit.

For more information about Dipetane fuels at Port Hueneme, contact TracTide Marine Fuels at 805-488-4466.

Additional information about Dipetane is available from Combustion Technologies 800-993-6370.



Pictured above is the Port Hueneme manager of Brusco Tug & Barge, Mike Fullilove (left accepting a plaque from Captain Jon BelChere, owner of TracTide Marine Fuels. Brusco is being honored for its foresight in becoming the first commercial firm to burn biodiesel fuel in Port of Hueneme in a proactive move to reduce air pollution, improve the health of port workers and take advantage of the mechanical benefits of the fuel.