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“I have always monitored our MPG most carefully and continue to do so especially in today’s high-priced fuel markets. My ongoing monitoring of MPG proves to me that the initial significant fuel savings are still being achieved due to the use of Dipetane.”

– Pat Slattery

Coca Cola Ireland Transport Manager
A Letter from Mr. Slattery

The Coca Cola Bottlers of Ireland started using Dipetane in 1989 when Pat Slattery, the company’s Transport Manager found it as a way to reduce smoke from the transport trucks. It seems that Pat was getting repeated complaints about the smoking trucks from the neighborhoods through which the trucks traveled to deliver Coke to local markets.

In 1990, Pat wrote a letter of experience describing his use of Dipetane and what benefits he found. Over a 9 month period Coke found a 17% improvement in fuel economy over the previous 3 month period without Dipetane added to the fuel.

In addition, the smoke problem was eliminated and he noted that maintenance requirements had reduced significantly.

In August of 2005, Pat, now the National Fleet Manager for Ireland, reports that the fuel economy benefit has continued at the same level of performance, which is providing strong savings in that high priced European market.

Smoke is no longer an issue as it has been eliminated since 1989. As a matter of fact, Pat has not had a truck that failed the emissions/smoke test since he started using Dipetane.

Of significant importance is Pat’s statement that engine life has been extended 4/5 years compared to pre-Dipetane usage.