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How to Reduce Carbon Emissions to Pass the MOT in the UK.

The Ministry of Transport test (usually abbreviated to MOT test) is an annual test of automobile safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required for most vehicles over three years old used on public roads in the United Kingdom.

What to Do if You Have Failed on Emissions?
If you failed the MOT Emissions test you should buy a 1 litre bottle of Dipetane. Drive your car for 1 to 2 days and then take a re-test. Most Motorists shoud pass on the 2nd attempt.

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[content_box title=”Lower Car Emissions” fontawesome icon=”arrow-down” link=”#”]
Helps Pass the MOT Emissions Test by Lowering Emissions by up to 85%.

[content_box title=”Saves Fuel Costs” fontawesome icon=”money” link=”#”]
Improves Fuel Economy by up to 10% for Petrol and Diesel Fuels.

[content_box title=”Longer Engine Life” fontawesome icon=”truck” link=”#”]
Better Fuel Combustion Results in Less Engine Wear and Tear.

[content_box title=”Cleans Fuel Injectors” fontawesome icon=”filter” link=”#”]
Lowers Combustion Chamber Deposits, Protects Injectors, DPF’s, EGR valves.

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