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Used by Car Fleets, Truck Fleets, Taxi Fleets and Shipping Fleets to  to Reduce Running costs by up to 10%, Save on Maintenance Costs and Increase Engine Life.

Blue Express
Blue Express have one of the largest parcel delivery courier distribution networks in Chile.

The company began as a local courier and already in the second quarter of 1998 extended its services to logistics operation specializing in distribution, with a network of offices, warehouses, trucks and vans all over Chile.

A road test by Blue Express transport division demonstrated a 9% increase in fuel efficiency.

Capistrano School District
Learn about the benefits they gained from using Dipetane in their fleet of 200 buses.

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[content_box title=”Lower Fuel Costs” fontawesome icon=”download”]
One road test on Diesel trucks showed a fuel saving of 9%.
[content_box title=”Less Emissions” fontawesome icon=”download-alt”]
Lower combustion chamber emissions mean less smoke and greenhouse gas emissions.
[content_box title=”Lower Maintenance” fontawesome icon=”wrench”]
Longer life for oil, filters and engine plus injectors, DPF’s and EGR valves.
[content_box title=”Cleans Injectors” fontawesome icon=”eraser”]
Cleaner burning of carbon results in clean fuel injectors, DPF’s and EGR valves.

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