Capistrano Unified School District



Combustion Technologies (West) LLC supplied Dipetane to Capistrano Unified School District for the 4-month period ending April, 30 2004, which the district used to treat its diesel fuel tanks located in its 2 maintenance yards. These tanks fuel the district’s approximately 200 school buses, which are used in daily service transporting pupils to and from school.

Prior to the test period, maintenance officials established the October through December 2003 operating period as a baseline. During the baseline period, the district used 84,601 gallons of diesel fuel to cover 575,505 miles of transportation. That results in a fuel economy of 6.8 miles per gallon.

The month of January was not included in the calculations as it was considered a clean-up period during which Dipetane conditioned the engines of the fleet. The fuel consumption for the 3-month treatment period was 82,564 gallons of diesel fuel, which provided 637,832 of transportation miles. Fuel economy was 7.7 miles per gallon.

Gallons of Fuel Miles Driven MPG
Baseline Period 84,601 575,505 6.80
Treatment Period 82,564 637,832 7.73

Calculated as a percentage, the MPG figure is 113.6% of baseline, resulting in a 13.6% improvement in fuel economy.

As projected in the attached calculation of savings, the District can reduce total fuel costs (including the cost of Dipetane) by 10% which is projected to improve the annual Transportation Department budget by nearly $60,000.

We at Combustion Technologies are grateful for the opportunity of working with the staff at Capistrano Unified School District and demonstrating the budgetary benefit of Dipetane.

In addition, we know that the emissions have been reduced in the exhaust, and look forward to the results of the department’s smoke testing over the next few months.