[title size=”2″]Sealink Travel Group of Auckland, Australia[/title]
The company operate 5 ferries for passenger and freight transport betweeen Auckland and Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island. They have been continuously using Cleanburn since 2004.

According to Mike Gutry, Fleet Engineer:

“SeaLink Travel Group has continuously been using Cleanburn Fuel Treatment for 5 years and are happy to continue to use Cleanburn Fuel Treatment in all ferries within the fleet so that we can continue to get the full benefit of a net fuel saving. Cleanburn also allows SeaLink Travel Group to achieve its own policies of pro-actively finding methods of reducing emissions that are polluting the air”


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6% Fuel Cost Saving

“Cleanburn Fuel Treatment achieved a 6% saving in fuel consumption for the 3 month period that was monitored.This was achieved by the engine management system enabling us to get accurate burn rate figures from the engines for a conclusive and valid test. The result has given Sealink Travel Group significant net savings on fuel costs.”
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66% Longer Oil Change Interval

“We have used Cleanburn since new as well as Mobil Devac 15×40 engine oil. The combination of the 2 products has enabled us to extend our oil change interval from 250 hours to 750 hours.”
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50% Extension of Engine Re-build Frequency

“As our engines are an intermittent rating, the normal rebuild frequency would be around 10,000 hours. We have just run to 15,000 hours. This in frame rebuild consisted of replacement of pistons, liners, rings and all bearings, timing case checked and bearings replaced, new valves and springs.

You can see that the combustion chambers are quite clean for those hours. Inspection of components replaced revealed nothing of any concern, no broken piston rings and no measurable wear on the crank shaft. I am sure these engines could have stretched to 20,000 hours but as we are running 16 hour days, 7 days a week, reliability is most important to us.”

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