Hooker Pacific Case Study

What Hooker Pacific Pacific Said:

“As you know, we were initially skeptical of claims that Cleanburn would improve fuel consumption in our fleet, and therefore subjected the use of the product to exhaustive testing over an extended period.

We used two methods:
1. Dynometer Testing – This was performed by an outside agency both prior to introducing Cleanburn and again after 5 months use. The test indicated a fuel saving of 7.3%.

2. Practical Testing on the road with four of our linehaul vehicles. This was done over a 12 month period within our Auckland Fleet and is ongoing. Fuel usage was monitored by our Auckland Manager, and also by means of our in-cab monitoring system allied to the vehicles engine management computer and GPS system. These tests indicated an average fuel saving of 8%.

We are therefore confident in saying that use of Cleanburn will improve fuel consumption. Our fleet travels some 20 million kilometers per year, so the potential for large savings in our fuel costs is obvious.

We believe Cleanburn is a proven fuel saver and we intend to introduce the product throughout our fleet.”

Yours Faithfully,
Managing Director

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