Capistrano Unified Cuts Fuel Costs and Reduces Emissions with Dipetane

Capistrano Unified Cuts Fuel Costs and Reduces Emissions with Dipetane
( ORANGE COUNTY, CA) — The Transportation Department of Capistrano Unified School District has completed testing and commenced using Dipetane treated diesel fuel for the 2004-2005 school year.
In a test conducted earlier this year, Dipetane was found to improve fuel economy by 13% during a 3-month test period. The test consisted of adding Dipetane to the fuel of the entire fleet of buses and diesel vehicles. The amount of fuel used and number of miles traveled were then compared to a prior 3-month period when untreated diesel fuel was used.
CUSD reported that, while its buses traveled 62,000 more miles during the testing period compared to the baseline period, 2,000 fewer gallons of fuel were used. Based on the fuel savings provided by Dipetane, it is projected that the Transportation Department will save nearly $60,000 in fuel costs this year, even after the cost of Dipetane.
Dipetane reduces diesel engine smoke by cleaning carbon deposits out of engines and burning fuel more completely. This reduced smoke is another benefit for students and the community through which these vehicles travel.
Additional tests are currently being performed on gasoline burning district vehicles to measure emission reductions. The results will be announced once testing is completed.
Dipetane is provided by Combustion Technologies LLC headquartered in Orange County, California. In addition to manufacturing Dipetane, Combustion Technologies has scheduled funding of medical research in search of the cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and lung diseases. Each of these diseases is believed to be caused by airborne particulates.
Capistrano Unified School District ’s Transportation Department currently uses cleaner burning ultra low sulfur fuel and has installed particulate traps on its buses to provide a cleaner exhaust. Dipetane improves performance another step. The District is committed to seeking the best technologies to reduce emissions and provide the cleanest environment for the community. CUSD has its website at