Pupil Transportation Cooperative Cuts Fuel Costs and Reduces Emissions with Dipetane™

Pupil Transportation Cooperative Cuts Fuel Costs and Reduces Emissions with Dipetane™
( WHITTIER, CA) — The Pupil Transportation Cooperative tested Dipetane fuel technology in its diesel buses and is one of the first school districts to receive Dipetane treated diesel direct from its fuel supplier. Fuel economy has increased in excess of 15%.
In September of last year, PTC agreed to try Dipetane in its fleet of buses. After about 5 weeks in use, they reported a fuel economy improvement of over 15%. The test consisted of adding Dipetane to the diesel fuel, which powers about 75 of the fleet’s 125 buses. The amount of fuel used and number of miles traveled is accumulated on a monthly basis in the fuel system. Fuel economy is then calculated. The test period was compared to the previous periods resulting in the 15% increase.
“I read that Capistrano Unified School District had improved its fuel economy using Dipetane and decided that it was worth a try. We have exceeded our expectations and are now getting well over the initial 15% we saw early on.” said Bill Grimley, PTC’s Fleet Maintenance Supervisor. “Not only did we get better fuel economy, but I have not had a single bus fail the opacity test this year. We are saving money on our fuel and the buses are running cleaner. “
Dipetane improves fuel economy and reduces diesel engine smoke by burning fuel more completely and cleaning carbon deposits out of engines. This reduced smoke is another benefit for students and the community through which these vehicles travel.
“Fuel costs are rising, so we need to save wherever possible. Adding improved performance is even better. Dipetane USA created a Savings Calculator Chart for me to show my Director how much we are saving and that sold us on the product.” Grimley concluded.
“We were pleased to see the strong results on this fleet,” stated Bob Pond, Managing Director for Dipetane USA. “PTC has been transporting students for the six schools in the cooperative for 20 years and has a tremendous amount of experience. Although we know that Dipetane works consistently in the 10% to 15% range, we were amazed to see the results that PTC achieved. This is an example in which everyone wins; the school districts, the students and the environment.”
Dipetane is provided by Dipetane USA headquartered in Orange County, California. Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon product which is non hazardous and non toxic. Dipetane treated fuels meet all regulatory and engine manufacturer fuel specifications.
In addition to manufacturing Dipetane, Dipetane USA has scheduled funding of medical research in search of the cures for diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and lung diseases. Each of these diseases is believed to be caused by airborne particulates.
Pupil Transportation Cooperative provides the transportation services for six school districts in the Whittier area transporting approximately 4,850 students. Founded in 1984, PTC has a centralized dispatching and maintenance yard at 9402 S. Greenleaf Avenue in Whittier, California, where it is responsible for a total of 125 buses. The PTC has added 27 Compressed Natural Gas buses to its fleet over the last 5 years and has 75 remaining diesel units, which use cleaner burning ultra low sulfur fuel. It has installed particulate traps on many to provide cleaner exhaust. Dipetane further improves emissions by reducing the amount of fuel required and burning it more efficiently.