Dipetane Eases the Fuel Budget Squeeze at El Paso County, Colorado

Dipetane Eases the Fuel Budget Squeeze at El Paso County, Colorado
Yorba Linda, CA — April 14, 2006 — El Paso County in Colorado, known for the majestic Pikes Peak and the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, is expecting to save over $40,000 per year as a new Dipetane customer. The County was concerned about tightening budgets and climbing fuel prices putting a squeeze on the maintenance of county vehicles. In short, they needed a cost justifiable way to improve vehicle performance as well as reduce polluting emissions.
Introduced by our Jerry Huntley of Monument Colorado, Fleet Director Praim Mangar, commenced an eight month long study on county fuel economy. Using strict controls on specified vehicles and refueling procedures, the review team tracked the fuel economy of 8 county vehicles. Fuel economy improvement was about 11%. At the current high prices of fuel, we estimate that we will be saving from $30,000 to $50,000 in the next year, Praim told us.
We are constantly being approached to review fuel additive products. We have tested several and Dipetane is the first to perform well enough to warrant our consideration. Dipetane demonstrated its ability to save the county substantial funds while reducing emissions. Praim explained. I was trained in the military and whenever I make a presentation for approval, I want to make certain that all of the questions will be answered before I submit. Not only did I test the product for myself, but we researched it and even called references. This is a great product. We look forward to expanded use of Dipetane throughout Colorado. The use of Dipetane will help reduce reliance on foreign oil and reduce contamination of the environment, while at the same time saving money for the users.
John Butler added, We will be using Dipetane in all of our equipment from heavy diesel to the lawn mowers and generators.
I have been working with El Paso throughout the test period. The test results show the fuel reductions and cleaner emissions so that Dipetane earned its position at the pump. We are pleased to add El Paso County to the list of Dipetane users, said Jerry Huntley, an independent seller of the Dipetane Fuel Technology. We are confident that, through the El Paso County leadership, other municipalities will be joining them in using Dipetane to save fuel and reduce the pollution problems associated with the Front Range communities, Mr. Huntley added.
Additional information on the Dipetane product line can be found at www.dipetaneusa.com. Jerry Huntley is available at 719-331-8959 or by email at jerhuntley@dipetaneusa.com.