Simply stated, Dipetane gives you More Miles with Less Fuel.

Dipetane is different from any other fuel product you have been searching for to get your engine driving you farther and running cleaner. Dipetane reduces your fuel costs by improving fuel economy from 10% to 15%. Dipetane releases more energy from your fuel, resulting in more power and better mileage. It also burns the carbons that would normally cause carbon deposit build-up, therefore extending both your oil and engine life.
Proven in over 100 million miles of service, Dipetane improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, extends oil life and reduces engine wear.
GASOLINE powered vehicles experience increased fuel economy and power while emissions are reduced for lesser environmental impact.

BIODIESEL fuels have proven to be highly benefited by the addition of Dipetane to increase fuel economy and reduce nitrous oxide emissions.

DIESEL fuels treated with Dipetane burn so completely that carbon deposits are essentially eliminated in the combustion chamber leaving then nearly as efficient as when they were new. Black diesel smoke is eliminated and soot levels in oil are dynamically reduced.
The Capistrano Unified School District put Dipetane into their 200 bus fleet and in a 3 month period drove 62,000 miles further on 2,000 fewer gallons of diesel than in a prior 3 month period. [For the full Capistrano case study click here.]

If a gallon of gasoline costs you $2.80

And Dipetane improves fuel economy by 10%

You save 28¢

Assume that Dipetane costs you -8¢

Using Dipetane, you save 20¢/gallon

Dipetane can save your fleet!
There is no Downside to Dipetane!

• Increases fuel economy by 10-15%.

• Meets or exceeds all fuel specifications.

• Dipetane is a 100% hydrocarbon product.

• Cleans the fuel injectors and keeps them clean.

• Lubricates fuel injection pump.

• Extends engine life.

• Burns away carbon deposits from the combustion chamber.

• Cleans tanks and supply lines of sludge and heavy deposits.

• Dipetane mixes readily with fuel requiring no further circulation.

• Dipetane treated fuels actually burn cooler, significantly reducing nitrous oxide.

• Dipetane has a longer stability life than diesel fuel or gasoline.